What is XML-RPC?

XML-RPC is a standard that was developed for calling remote procedures, usually over http, that can return data to the client.
It's a spec and a set of implementations that allow software running on disparate operating systems, running in different environments to make procedure calls over the Internet. It's remote procedure calling using HTTP as the transport and XML as the encoding. XML-RPC is designed to be as simple as possible, while allowing complex data structures to be transmitted, processed and returned. - xmlrpc.com

What the hell does that mean and why do I care about it in Flash?

Ever write a php/asp/jhtml/perl script to output a bunch of XML? Then write another script in Flash to parse the XML and create an array or a bunch of objects? If so, then you know that it is nothing but a waste of time and an annoying exercise which needs to be repeated each and everytime you want to retrieve a different set of data from your web server. Well, imagine a world where you simply call the remote method located on your webserver from Flash. Then, Flash is given the returned native object from that method - transparently, without writing any scripts to create or parse XML. Here's a diagram of how it works:

Example Code

Look, it's not so hard:
	import XMLRPC.Connection;
	var rpc:Connection = new Connection("http://www.myserver.com/rpc");
	rpc.onLoad = function( menu:Array ){
		trace("My menu has " + menu.length + " items.");


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